Bench Strength

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    Bench Strength

    I really like the first four coming off the bench for this team.....assuming that Bradley resumes his stating spot once he returns we have...

    Green....started 531 of 563 games for OKC...age 26

    Lee........started 108 of 148 his first two seasons...age 27

    Terry......former 6th Man of the Year...age 35 but in great shape...replaces Ray

    Wilcox....looked really good once he got comfortable with his role...age 30

    these are proven players who bring quality depth off our bench

    hopefully Sully contributes....maybe Joseph & Melo even get a few minutes...

    I think Danny did a great job with what he had to work with...!
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    Re: Bench Strength

    I think the Celtics have the best 6-10 right now. What should not be forgot at the end of the 10-11 season Ainge said on the Big Show, that Green could start over Pierce just to give the starting line up more engery and the bench more scoring. It would interesting if that happened.