Best Case Worst Case Scenerio

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    Best Case Worst Case Scenerio


    Interesting read, fun to think about. 

    However, my best case scenerio would be:

    Celtics begin the season holding Rondo back. Pressey and Crawford man the point, Bradley is the starting shooting guard with Lee coming off the bench and Brooks getting 10 minutes per game. Bogans is a back-up. Jeff Green leads the team in scoring, averaging around 20 pts 5 reb and 5 ast. Avery develops his corner three and is in the running for defensive player of the year. Sully averages a double-double and Olynyk gets an increasing amout of games where he posts 15 pts 7 reb 4ast. Melo is getting 15 minutes and is getting better while losing us games. Wallace, Humphries and Bass show productivity off the bench, but Stevens plays them limited minutes. The team is fast-paced and shows flashes of talent and drive but ends up losing many series of close games. 

    At the all-star break, Jeff and Avery are all-star considerations, but being on a team with only 15 wins, they're overlooked. Rondo healed and back at 100% with an improved shooting ability comes back to lead the team above .500 the rest of the way ending the year 29 - 53 with the 6th worst record in the league. Celtics land the second overall pick, which they trade along with salary and exemptions for a borderline all-star Center and a mid first round pick where they can land the guy they like. They head into 2015 with an allstar pointguard, shooting forward and center. At PF you have Olynyk & Sullinger getting better and showing promise. Your two first round picks from 2014 (point guard and swingman) show promise. Danny adds some vets and we make a run at it.



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