that NEW BLAKE GRIFFIN dunk is in the top 10 but no way is it close to being the best ever. scottie pippen over ewing, shawn kemp over ewing, MJ over over ewing, of course vince carter over the 7 footer, LJ over john lucas just 2 days ago, then the first musgov dunk, then perhaps yesterday's dunk.  that first dunk was just humiliating. he grabbed the man's head and got rubbed at it crotchh level as he dunked over him.

funny thing about the dunk was the aftermath in that you could tell perk knew what happened and that this could be his defining long term legacy as one mr. VISE (guy vince dunked on). wonder if it will psychologically damage perk as it did to others, to the point he stops challenging such plays? i cant put it in the top 5 for perk wasnt utterly humiliated afterwards, thats what made the ewing dunks so memorable. john starks over MJ, kevin johnson's dunk and PAUL PIERCE over bosh (when he was in toronto) also wrap up my top 10. rondo over the gun shy bosh is honorable mention.