Best move for Celtics?

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    Re: Best move for Celtics?

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    Gortat is grossly overpaid though and that would be desperate move but at this point it may be necessary. I still think we should have retained Hollins. He wasnt a great rebounder but atleast he had size and hustle. 

    How can Gortat be overpaid when he's only earning 7.2m this season?

    He's going to only get 7.7m next season. 

    Perk is paid more than what Gortat is getting.

    well if you havent noticed, most NBA players are overpaid. I dont think Perk is worth half the money he got. What kind of presence has he been??  After the first couple of months of teamates ravings of his leadership, its been not much. So I get your point but I dont think many players deserve what they are paid.

    Sure, but this is true for most professional athletes. I mean, what did Scal make when he was here? 3 mil per? Its a trend that unfortunately won't change anytime soon since us rabid fans keep the system going.

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    Re: Best move for Celtics?

    adding a soon to be 35 year old kenyon martin to the mix does not solve the celtics current problems with rebounding and interior defense. since 2005 he's avergaed less than 50 gamer per year and has shot over 60% from the line in exactly one of those seasons. in 22 minutes per game for the clippers last year he averaged 5.2 pts and 4.3 rebounds. yes, he'd bring some attitude and aggressiveness, something this team desperately needs. Just don't think given his injury history and age this is likely to be a move that makes a lot of difference. He' s barely 6 "9" not 6 "10" or 6 "11" with a lot of miles on the odemeter so he doesn't jump like he used to. A move for Gortat would seemingly make more sense, especially if he could be had for a package like Bass; Lee; Melo. I'd think twice before moving Sullinger. Would even sub Jeff Green for Bass, though doubtful anyone is taking on that contract right now. what is impossible to miss is this team is in shambles defensively and on the boards and something needs to be done sometime soon if this team is going to reverse some really disturbing trends.