Big Al or Josh Smith?

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    Re: Big Al or Josh Smith?

    In response to Archer1's comment:

    That being said...I'm not sure if I prefer this option to the tanking option. Potentially tanking (I don't know if we would be bad enough/lucky enough) could net us a stud young player (Parker, Wiggins, Smart etc) or we might end up with the backend of the lottery pick and be relegated to obscurity for the next 5-10 years.

    Signing Smith keeps the Celtics relevant and competitive (which I'm sure Wyc prefers), but ties up money in a team who might max out at a 3-5 seed for the prime years of Rondo and Smith.

    The other downside is that investing in Smith effectively removes us from the bidding on upcoming players in free agency like Kevin Love, Greg Monroe, Demarcus Cousins etc. But do we have a chance at landing them in FA anyways? Smith WANTS to be here.

    All in all - I think signing Smith is the way to go if Garnett agrees to stay and play out his contract (assuming Pierce is gone to make way for Smith). I'd have to imagine Garnett isn't crazy about playing without Doc and Pierce, but if he will stay and lead the team - I'd commit to Smith.

    I agree. I would much prefer tanking then getting either Jefferson or Smith. This team is not going anywhere next year. Keep as much finanical flexibility as possible, get some good draft picks and sign some good players down the road.

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    Re: Big Al or Josh Smith?

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    We can check who the free-agents of 2014 and 2015 are. So cap flexibility only becomes an issue in 2016, when th likes of Durant, Lebron, Love, Hibbert, Deron Williams, and others become free-agents.

    By 2016, the Celts only guaranteed contract on the Celtics roster is Courtney Lee's 5.68m.

    Getting Big Al or Josh Smith this offseason won't hurt the Celts' cap flexibility in 2016.

    I know this.  I just don't like this team anymore. I like them fine as indivudals, but I didn't like the team last year and I like it even less this year.  Rondo, KG, Green, Lee, Terry, Bass they can all go as far as I am concerned. Not one of them will make a real difference next year.


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    Re: Big Al or Josh Smith?

    i wouldnt mind Big Al actually,,, it would be a more traditional/slower team but he sure can play.