Big Baby for Andy V or Nick Young?

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    Re: Big Baby for Andy V or Nick Young?

    Acie Earl, you make a lot of good points.
    you're right, i wasn't a fan of perkins, UNTIL the first half of that last full year he played with the team.  man was he good.  everything was as good as it could be.  his hands somehow got better.  he scored and rebounded like a dirty work 5 in THIS league should- 10 and 10- i know from the old days 20 years ago a 10 and 10 center was a dog, but perk's 10 and 10 for this team was great in this new league style of play. and then he fell apart.  by the playoffs he was unwatchable and very unproductive, just as he was for OKC in their playoff run where ibaka had to do EVERYTHING at the 5 spot while perkins basically watched. trading perkins was very smart- his shoulder was a career long issue and perhaps it played a big role in his tendency to taper off as time/seasons went on.  i am fairly certain that OKC is already regretting throwing 30 million at the guy, you can get a good locker room guy for less, if that's all he's going to be.

    You acknowledged the good Perk before he got injured. I acknowledged Baby was hurting last year and have backed off my recent criticism of him. Red-16 follows by calling him a lardarse and says Doc gets a bad rep from some of us. I can't reason with that. I don't interact with people who don't listen. Regardless of what happened in the locker room, Doc should never have tried to embarrass Davis in public. Francoma (sp?) may have his flaws, but that's one thing he'd never do to underperforming Red Sox players.

    The good news about Davis' uninspired late season and playoffs is we might be able to talk him into a reasonable 1 year hometown discount. If he plays up to his potential, he will get a second chance to hit the free agency jackpot. I'd rather see him signed for two years. That should be plenty of time to see what his ceiling truly is.

    The C's shouldn't have fired Clifford Ray. Someone should be able to teach Baby some rebounding skills.

    Doc is the teflon coach, as Ronald Reagan was the teflon president. Nothing ever sticks to them.

    The only criticism I have ever seen of Doc's coaching has been by Bill Simmons.

    Myself and this guy Mooltrikon, who used to post here regularly, have spilled many a word on Doc. You sound like Mool. He's ready to stop watching C's games, because the way Doc coaches, the games are extremely boring.

    There's so much he could have tried to win that series against Miami. You mention Troy Murphy, and I agree there came a point where he had to play. Miami's disadvantages are with bigs and point guard. They dominate the 2 and 3 spots. They are vulnerable everywhere else and with no cap space to easily fill those needs.

    Once Rajon became one-armed Rondo, it was time to play West and Arroyo at pg. Seeing that Ray was having trouble staying with DWade, Wafer needed to play a lot of backup sg. JO was the second coming of Sheed, having a bad season and turning it on for the playoffs. Doc should have went with a two-headed monster of JO and Krstic. Doc even admitted by the end of the series he should have played Krstic more. A day late and a dollar short?

    Doc's always had trouble integrating new players or figuring out a rotation and sticking with it. He was out to lunch a few years ago going back and forth between Tony and Marquis. We can only imagine how much b*tch-slapping Tony was forced to take from Doc. I think Tony left because of Doc Rivers. He never said so, but that's what I think.

    Big Baby was hurting and ineffective. That's when Troy, Sasha, and Green needed to hit the court. KG was in the zone, but he was overused and had nothing left in the tank by the end.

    Doc burned this team out during the year, didn't integrate guys like Krstic and especially Green, and when the team got tired, his decision was to shorten the rotation even further. I'm curious what Popovich could have done with this team the last couple years. Doc is the Grady Little of basketball management. He'll stick it out with a simple formula over coming up with new strategies, combinations, and finding diamonds in the rough. He could have thrown Bradley in to guard Wade when he was on fire. The problem is Doc doesn't know how to think outside the box.

    Doc is like good packaging. He's a successful brand name.I agree with you the only way this new Doc contract will make any sense is if Danny can generate another ready made team as you described. It's possible. Maybe we really are going to get Dwight Howard. We'll need good years out of Rondo and Paul. Danny will probably need to find one other very good player to go with them to convince Superman he is the final piece of the puzzle to #18. That player might already be on the team. If so, it's probably Jeff Green or Big Baby Davis. If there's no season, however, getting Dwight Howard might be near impossible. Why would he come to a Celtic team with just Rondo and a 35 year old Paul Pierce?

    If we don't get Superman, I figure Danny is on another 5 year plan, to draft well, build up his chip pile, and then go all in again. Or maybe he'll retire Pitino style. Ainge isn't in the greatest health. I think Doc is one of Danny's closest friends, and that's why he gave him the five year monster contract.
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    Re: Big Baby for Andy V or Nick Young?

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    Justin Guarini would be perfect for the Celtics He's a rich man's Glen Davis who understands his role and his limitations a little better, and is 4 inches taller
    Posted by Artist-Frmrly-Knwn-As-NickC1188

    I did not know the guy from American Idol played basket ballTongue out
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    Re: Big Baby for Andy V or Nick Young?

    Davis shouldn't have listened to the "experts" who talked about how difficult it was to get around him and should have listened to those who talked about how easy it was to go over him.  Glen should be using Barkley as his model, despite Chuckle's denial of being such a role model (and boy, is he right).  When Barkley came into the league from Georgia, his nickname was "Tub", but he lost a load of weight and became a terror, a monster of a player supposedly undersized (height) for his position.  Why Glen can't see the value of losing 50-60lbs. is beyond me.  He's lost maybe 20-25lbs. since arriving (maybe gaining during last season?), and it's clear he doesn't have anyone he listens to who can make him understand the key to what I think could be great success.  Even at LSU, he couldn't deal with much lighter players who could just go over him. For one year it was hidden because Tyrus Thomas covered for him, but the next year was tough for BB in the SEC.  I was at LSU then and saw his skills firsthand, but also I saw his weight as a great detriment to his development.  At 50-60 pounds less, he could be a "Barkley type", but he's not mean enough to be a Barkley, if you know what I mean.  
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    Re: Big Baby for Andy V or Nick Young?

    The point is that only if he lost weight he'd have that chance to be the physical type, but as I wrote, he's never going to be the aggressive, assertive player Barkley was.  And, as I also wrote, he wasn't the same player after Thomas left, which explains his draft drop and was no surprise to anyone at LSU.
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    Re: Big Baby for Andy V or Nick Young?

    Baby needs to work with a personal trainer that can modify his body to basically do only 2 things better: Improved cardio and add some ups. We don't want to do this at the expense of his strength and he has good core balance. Its gotta be only body fat.

    The guy is prob 305-315 lbs, but he doesn't have the gut or the man-boobs that guys like Tractor and Oliver Miller had.

    I wish it was (but I don't think it) as simple as gaining 1" vert and 30 secs faster on your mile for every 7 lbs you dropped. All I'd want is for say 310lb baby with a 22" vertical leap who runs an 8 minute mile to become 275 lb Baby with a 27" vertical who runs a 6 minute mile:-)
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    Re: Big Baby for Andy V or Nick Young?

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    In Response to Re: Big Baby for Andy V or Nick Young? : I think if Big Baby was the "Barkley type" he would not have fallen in the 2nd round of the 2007 Draft. 
    Posted by Fiercest34

    Wasn't Andrew Toney a second round pick? Paul Pierce was selected 10th, when he was probably in the top three or so his draft year. Tom Brady was taken in the 6th round. While you make a decent point, it is not an absolute one.

    Baby was very clutch in the playoffs when KG got hurt. He's being asked to do too much, and it's hurting his development. He's not a center. You might be able to get away with that a couple minutes a game, but no more than that.

    If Davis were trim and healthy, he'd be a beast on offense every game. While he's a unique, undefined tweener between the 3-5 spots, he can cause matchup difficulties for the other team. This isn't football. He needs to lose the weight, keep it off, and fix his knees before he ends up with chronic injuries.
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    Re: Big Baby for Andy V or Nick Young?

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    In Response to Re: Big Baby for Andy V or Nick Young? : In the 2007 NBA Draft, Jay Bilas and co. said if Glen Davis entered the 2006 Draft he would have been a 1st round pick. Glen Davis went from being a 1st round pick to a 2nd round pick the following year. Maybe it was his weight that the teams were afraid of. All I'm saying is, if the teams thought he was the "Barkley type" I think they would have picked him in the 1st round. But maybe because they thought Glen Davis was the "Oliver Miller type", he ended up becoming a 2nd round pick.  
    Posted by Fiercest34

    I hear you. There have been a number of players who ate their way out of the league. Those guys not only ate a lot of food but also cap space.

    Big Baby is young enough to change his tune. He's still got a young metabolism and most importantly a strong desire to thrive in the NBA. Paul Fierce is the one who should help him with dieting. Paul is proof that someone with a food problem, perhaps even an addiction, can get it under control.

    Thomas Hamilton represented the worst case scenario. His weight not only possibly kept himself out of the Hall of Fame, he couldn't even last more than 33 games.


    Thomas Hamilton #30
    College: PITTSBURGH '97
    Height: 7'2
    Weight: 360 LBS
    DOB 04/03/1975

    One-time high school star at Martin Luther Jr. King High School in Chicago. Verbally committed to the University of Pittsburgh but never played there. Signed as a free agent by the Boston Celtics on November 24, 1995. Weight was listed at 360 pounds and was always an issue with the team. Labeled a project by director of basketball operations and coach M.L. Carr. Played 11 games as a Celtics. Best performance came against the Washington Bullets on April 10, when he scored 13 points and grabbed six rebounds in 12 minutes. Waived on June 28, 1996.

    I saw that one game live. He was incredible. The problem was he probably went out after the game for 4 Big Macs, 2 Superfries, 3 Fish Fillets, a large soda pop, and 3 chocolate milk shakes.
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    Re: Big Baby for Andy V or Nick Young?

    I do like this deal:

    Baby (S&T at 5-6 million per) and JON (instantly bought out) to Cleveland along w/ their 2nd rd pick back from us

    Varejao, Boobie Gibson and our 1st rd pick in 2012 (and 2013 too if need be) to the Clippers

    Chris Kaman to the Celtics.

    Varejao will do 70-80% of what Kaman does and be paid 70-80% less while being given 18-22 minutes (unlike Kaman who deserves 32-34) allowing Jordan to get $ and starters mins.

    Think the Cavs would swap Sideshow for Baby, a 2nd round pick and cash savings of about 1-2 million a year?