Bill Walker?

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    Bill Walker?

    Re: wow bill walker looks good!

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    i was never for this trade to begin with and tonight proved me dead on right.

    Did you not see how awfull Nate Robinson will look going forward, seriously. He is easily handled on a pick and roll, couldn't possibly defend a tall shooting guard on a last shot if his life depended on it and how is he going to get a critical rebound if the game is on the line, amongts the other team's bigs?. Do you see Nate Robinson stopping Orlando from draining high flying 3's, how about the Hawks when they're flying for dunks, never mind the Cavs with Lebron as a fast moving train wreck.

    I mean tell me, what Am I missing here, exactly why did the Celtics trade a more versatile, robust, strong, taller, powerfull and athletic Bill Walker for Nate Robinson and another Doc Rivers possible bench warmer, fcking why?

    Tommy Heinson and many media pundits are trying hard to sell us the hype on Nate Robinsona and I am not buying it. How in the hell world was this an upgrade or improvement over Eddie House and Bill Walker and Giddens when Walker, who looked like a future star to me, never really got a chance to show his worth. Thanks to that Fraud of a coach Doc Rivers, who is sooooooo in love with fan favorite Brian Scalabrine, because he does, "all the little smart things"...please, spare me that bullsht

    Fcking Pathetic move by Ainge if you ask me, the whole thing was really about marketing for dollars, the 3 point king and the slam dunk contest king= money in management's pockets. Fans love the entertainment and will buy all the merchandise that comes along with it. Don't be surprised if you see Nate Robinson working part time as Lucky the Celtic Leprechaun, dunking and showing off his stuff.
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    Re: Bill Walker?

    Another guy the Doc bashers whined about not playing.

    For all you guys that like to spout about Rivers not playing rookies, and how bad he is at developing young players, I'm still waiting to see one example of a young guy going somewhere else and thriving.

    Walker, Giddens, Lester Hudson, Gerald Green, Gabe Pruitt???

    Meanwhile, Doc has played a major role in developing Perkins, Al Jefferson, D. West, Gomes, Rondo, Powe, and Big Baby

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    Re: Bill Walker?

    Siesta, it's easier for some people to complain than to acknowledge your point that Doc plays guys when they show they can handle the minutes, regardless of whether they are a rookie or vet.  Throw Erden into the mix.  The man has international experience and is a fast learner.  Regardless of need, Doc wouldn't play him if he wasn't capable of holding his own. 
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    Re: Bill Walker?

    wasn't walker putting up soem decent numbers last year in nyc before mike benched him? i know giddens had 1 or 2 decent games that was it.
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    Re: Bill Walker?

    Walker had some good stats with last year's Knicks.  But stats are a unreliable way to judge a player and they are even less reliable when compiled for a weak team.

    The Knicks are no longer a weak team and Walker isn't seeing much PT.
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    Re: Bill Walker?

    "wasn't walker putting up soem decent numbers last year in nyc before mike benched him?"

    Putting up good numbers in a run and gun / no defense system and being a good player are 2 different things
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    Re: Bill Walker?

    We are going to have to admit that Doc was right about the players that he didn't feel could play that DAinge acquired but ultimately had to discard. The list is long. Gerald Green, Leon Powe, Walker, Giddens, Bassy, Blount, etc. are not setting the league on fire, if they are even still in the league.