Billups out game #2??

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    Billups out game #2??

    There is a report that says Billups is likely out for the next game. It makes sense since they are going home for games 3 & 4.

    Rondo needs to really take his gam up a notch. Douglas is a good SG but I'm not sure he's ready to handle PG duties most of the game. This moves Carter into more minutes and it should provide a bigger advantage for West.

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    Re: Billups out game #2??

    It is very unfortunate for the Knicks, but should defininitely favor the Celtics.  Rondo and West should have an easier time.  Although, I don't like to see injuries to any players, especially during the playoffs.  Hopefully, the bench will play better on Tuesday. 
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    Re: Billups out game #2??

    I wont shed a tear if Billups misses the next game...

    Hes a scary due to play against imo/// dangerous and a great shooter.

    The Knick ebnch polayed well last night... especially right after Melo went out with foul #2... Walker stepped right in and became MJ in the 1st qtr.

    Then Billups went down with the injury and whammo... Douglas enters and drains a bigtime 3 that was crushing. Im just happy Melo didnt see Douglas standing all alone behind the 3 line on the last shot of the game.... IF you recall, Rondo went over to double Melo ..waving at no one in particular to pick up Douglas... nobody did.