Bird Praises Rondo

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    Re: Bird Praises Rondo

    Hey look! Karl and Pud are mad about Rondo!


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    Re: Bird Praises Rondo

    In response to Karllost's comment:

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    Great post Pud and the video clip couldnt define Rondo any better... hot dog that always cracks under the bright lights of crunch time.


    You mean like in this game? D on Bron, free throws, 3's, dimes...... all in crunch-time

  Or in this game perhaps? The maestro ices game 7 in crunch-time with PP on the bench.

    Do you even watch the Boston Celtics?

    "defines Rondo"..... what a joke. Funny how when I listen to experts/legends/coaches around the league (Bird, Cousy, Heinsohn, Magic, Cowens.... the list goes on and on), and look at the legacy he's building in everyones eyes. NOONE (of any relevance) thinks that defines him. NOONE! In fact, it's quite the contrary. But your disdain is comical though. Keep it up. Now let's hear more nit-picking, (un)witty sarcasm, exagerations, and "yeah, but" comments. It's become what "defines" you.

    Whats funny is you need the comments of former players and broadcasters to tell you what you can see with your own two eyes.. Thats whats really pathetic..

    Now Rondo has been a Celtic for what, 7-8 years??? Give me a list of 7 games (one per year) where Rondo scored the game winning or tying basket.... Ill wait

    There you go with your exagerations. Get a new shtick, will yah.

    Now you've changed the subject. Figures. Crunch-time does not mean you need to hit a game winning shot at the buzzer. Crunch-time is the time when a games' winner and loser is being decided, and time is running out. That's what was being talked about. Crunch-time. Now you switch to game winning shots? Here we go with Karls reading comprehension issue again. You should really sign yourself up for some classes. Trust me, it's a problem.