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it's just like everytime i see the guy talking i'm like w t f? i don't think iv'e ever heard somthing he said come true? but this anybody can say C's look to deal hump and wallace...this is not




Raider... I 100% agree with you. I think Sherod is the biggest fake insider ever. His columns suck, he can't write, he can't interview, he looks like a giant slacker. I mean, I don't have high standards for the losers at CSN, but I really hate this guy.


It baffles me how a basketball genius like Grande is stuck on the radio, and all this airtime is given to the lazy sack of pooo Sherod. And why the heck does he have to have that annoying A. before his name? Its like, GET A REAL NAME, YOU BUM!



LOL...i'm glad i'm not the only one...the guy is garbage....and not to be a jerk..gary washburn is another bum...they bring nothing to the table.