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Blaming the reserves

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    Re: Blaming the reserves

    I said a year ago our biggest loss was Tom Thibodeau.  If he were here we could count on Kristic and Green and Murphy and Sasha and Arroyo learning how to play suffocating defense.  If they could do that and rebound thre would be no worries about offensive flow other than spacing.
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    Re: Blaming the reserves

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    This cold subs thing is getting old. Hot or cold, they can play defense because it is effort  based and has nothing to do with rhythm or being cold. Even it they don't score much, and stop the other guys for a few minutes that would be acceptable. They do not. What do great players that are "cold" do to get warmed up? They either take it to the rim, to get warmed up, or they pass the ball. This has nothing to do with being hot or cold. It has to do with taking an aggressive attitude while they do play, on defense, and offense. In the last game, they mostly stood around and took jump shots. Allen left Boston to get out from behind Pierce's shadow according to Tony. Playing time is earned and Krystic can't defend the rim against most players.
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    Exactly!!!   Great post.

    As for the comment on Thibs, every team loses assistant coaches every year and the team goes on.  Yes, it would be great is a great assistant will stay an assistant, but its not realistic.  Good assistants get promoted and Frank is a good enough replacement.  To me the bigger issue is practice time.  When trading at the trade deadline and then playing games every other day + back to backs, there's no practice time.  That's why these trades have huge risks - its difficult to learn a team's system while you're playing games. You learn in practice or in training camp but there is none off that, unfortunately.

    Green will be better next year, but this year, he's going to struggle to learn the system.

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    Re: Blaming the reserves

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    Lately, the Celtic reserves have been blamed by fans, media and even Doc Rivers for poor play resulting in blown leads. Is it fair to lay the blame exclusively on them? I think not. Krystic and Green, for example, were starters at Oklahoma City. Now, they come off the bench, playing some minutes here and there, and thus, are unable to get into a good playing rhythm. Ray Allen, himself, complained of an inability to get into rhythm when he doesn't get enough touches during the earlier parts of the game. And he's already logging 30 or so minutes a game. How reasonable is it then to expect Krystic and Green to perform well consistently? In the case of Glen Davis, I cannot see the logic in Doc's playing him at the center position and allowing taller players like Stoudemire to score and rebound over him at will. Why not utilize Krystic or Murphy instead and let Davis play his normal position at power forward? Pavlovic, Green and even Murphy can also be used to harrass and commit hard fouls on opposing scorers like Carmelo Anthony. In this way, Paul Pierce and Ray allen can conserve energy and their fouls. The timing and manner of Doc River's substitutions are also to blame. Doc has the habit of making two or three man substitutions at a time with his reserves. This often results in the loss of momentum and blown leads. He should ease the reserves gradually into the game while relieving the starters. Doc doesn't have the kind of confidence in his reserves that Thibodeau or Popovich have in theirs. The Celtics bench is filled with talented veterans who are hungry for an NBA title. Doc just needs to trust in them more and make rational and timely substitutions. What's the sense in using a limited rotation when you have so much talent available to you? Isn't this supposed to be a team effort, anyway?
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    I find it hilarious that Pierce called out the bench for not providing energy and playing better defense, etc.

    They are giving up 89 ppg to the Knicks and Pierce wants them to play better defense......

    The offense is abysmal and it is being led by him, Rondo, KG, and Ray who got off to a horrible start in game 1 and who would have lost game 2 had Billups and Amare been able to play at full strength.

    A team that is averaging 91 ppg is calling out their second unit for not playing enough defense with enough intensity........

    It is amazing how perspective is completely lost when he and KG are being outplayed by their opposite number and how easily he can cast blame and people just s uck it up and take it as bible.

    KG is a jump shooting powerforward who wants no part of the paint and cannot deal with Amare, Pierce cannot deal with 'melo, Rondo is an embarrassment, and Ray is Ray who is exhausted but it is somehow the bench that is the problem......