Blockbuster Deadline Trade- Celtics and Pistons

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    Re: Blockbuster Deadline Trade- Celtics and Pistons

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    Read that anyone who is high on Monroe


    "Speaking of troubles near the basket, the Pistons' Greg Monroe presents another interesting example. Monroe was by far the NBA’s most active shooter near the basket last year. That’s good, except that he struggled to convert his shots down there. He has never met a close-range shot he doesn’t like. This is compounded by his immature midrange game. Although Monroe’s interior numbers weren’t terrible, his slightly below-average production combined with his extreme volume resulted in him arriving at the bottom of the ShotScore list."

    Touché,  I do love me some Kirk knowledge.  Still I would say he's worth it from a defensive perspective.  But yeah, maybe it would be better going after someone like LARRY SANDERS!

    These bigs is better than our bigs tho.  Maybe not worth Rondo However.

    You do realize that, when Rondo comes back, teams are actually going to guard him.  And once his offense get's exposed, his value will be about as high as Tebow's.


    That would suck. I am certainly banking on that NOT happening and Rondo returning improved. If a Rondo-led Celtics can't scrape together a win and his stats go down... well ... good luck selling him. Good luck doing anything but building organically through 3 consecutive years in the lottery.

    Lets hope that doesn't happen/

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