Blocked Shots

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    Blocked Shots

    Boston was tied for the second worst team in the NBA for blocked shots per game.
    Shaq was #2 on the team and Perkins was #3.
    So without them, the 2nd worst team blocking shots is really by far the worst team in the league.
    No surprise when there is a huge block disparity. 
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    Re: Blocked Shots

    In Response to Re: Blocked Shots:
    Shot-blocking requires young legs. Look at the top 5 shot-blockers in the regular season, all are below 30 years old. KG used to be a good shot-blocker when he was younger. The last 2 seasons he couldn't even average 1 block per game.
    Posted by Fiercest34

    Not only did they lose Shaq and Perk but they have two players (Rondo and BBD) who take pride in having their shots blocked.