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Board Bios

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    Re: Board Bios

    In Response to Re: Board Bios:
    And in case you didn't figure out who's my favorite Celtic - its Bill Russell, then Larry Bird/Antoine with Jo Jo White close behind.
    Posted by Celtsfan4life

    Toine was and is still one of my favorite Celtic player as well cause he was so passionate about palying with the celtics and never never really wanted to leave the celtics but too bad he played with too many scrubs back then with the exception of Paul Pierce. Toine wasnot fortunate to play or have the luxury to play with future HALL OF FAMERS like KG, Ray allen, and perhaps rondo as well.  Miss ya Toine and u will always be a Celtic in my heart
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    Re: Board Bios

    I'm 21 and my name is Sara.

    Born in Melbourne (Australia), moved to Canada aged 2. Lived in Vancouver. Moved back to Australia when I was 13 and been living here ever since. Consider myself to be both Australian and Canadian. Have a Canadian father and English/Australian mother (English/Australian as she was born in England and moved to Australia when she was young).

    Have two older brothers, an older sister and younger sister. One of pets is a bearded dragon (Lizard) also have two dogs and a cat.

    Presently at University will graduate this year. Plan to stay at Uni and study for my masters degree.

    Lakers fan, my father and brothers all support the Celtics. My younger sister and I are both fans of LA so it's fun when the teams play one another. Do have a deep appreciation for the Celtics though, have read a few of my Dads books and have to say that Bill Russell is my favourite player ahead of James Worthy. Also liked the Seattle Supersonics. Have fond memories of road trips on Weekends to watch the Sonics play. Also attended a number of Grizzlies games. Was pretty cool when Byron Scott was playing for them. Oddly my older sister and mother tolerate basketball but are not fans of any particular team.

    Have seen a fair bit of the United States, never been to Boston but plan a visit. A lot of history and the whole North East area looks beautiful. Nothing like the Pacific North West of course! But still lovely. New York is amazing, but I love the West Coast and more specifically the Pacific North West, Portland is lovely and Seattle is my favourite US city. Even though it rains heaps.

    Like Surfing, Skiing and Boarding. Love travelling and photography. Softball is my favourite team sport to play. Way too short to play basketball. I'm a bit of a facebook addict too. Also love to travel, we had Christmas in London which was one of the most amazing experiences!

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    Re: Board Bios

    I am 30, from Turkey, have been watching and admiring the Celtics since the end of 80's, and an SAP consultant.
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    Re: Board Bios

    Do you know how much personal information you revealed to the world?

    If Bias really works as a system network engineer, he should not be asking  to reveal your personal data. I don't need to tell you why. You guys are not stupid but you do know how internet exploitation works.
    Businesses uses complicated firewalls & ASA to protect their business, you should use common sense to protect yourself. 
    Today, you have very little privacy. Those users who uses public emails such as hotmail-yahoo-gmail, those participating to social networking such as twitter-facebook-youtube will regret the personal identity they laid out.

    I do used public email but I concelled & never use my name, age, addresses and other personal informations. I know the consequences.

    As a responsible adult who uses the internet frequently, I protect my identity, family, financial and most important the children. Even then, there is no guarantee.

    It's your call...after all who cares what I & you do.Cry
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    Re: Board Bios



    I think you are WAY OFF BASE with your comments. The information revealed isn't information anyone can use for any good purpose. These are BIOS not personal confidential information. I would never expect anyone to post that kind of information. I already feel like I know people better just from reading their comments. I've learned that a lot of people on here don't even live in Mass. Don't try to turn something positive into a paranoia situation.

    People are proud of where they grew up, family, went to shool, careers and how they became C's fans.

    Lighten up man!!  Geez!!

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    Re: Board Bios

    YOu can get more information that we gave via Linked In or via Google searches.  No one gave phone numbers, addresses, nor even their full name, etc.   CheisChe is off base here.
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    Re: Board Bios


    We've all been posting here for a long time.  Look at his post count for goodness sake.  He's been a longtime poster and is hugely knowledgeable about the game.
    By your own logic, if Bias or anyone really wanted to do any of this, he or they could've done it well before the 3000 posts he's written for the past three years.

    Then again, just because you're not paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you...

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    Re: Board Bios

    Celtsfan4life is right.

    A systems engineer doesn't even have the skillset to least I don't. If I were a programmer then that's another story and they are two entirely different skillsets. However the Globe has more personal information than anyone posted on this topic. When you register for this forum you gave them a email and password. So now they can sell your email address to spammers and you never know where it came from. They also have your IP Address if they needed it for posters harrassing other posters, etc. ( I should report P34 by the way) :-)

    I highly doubt the Globe would do anything like that but I'm just giving you an example.

    BTW he's also right in that most didn't give their full names so a screen name is useless.

    Soups, thanks for you comments as well.

    (Now please post your credit card information and we're good) LOL! (joking of course)
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    Re: Board Bios

    I have my own internet business that exposes me much more than anything I would say on this board.  Methinks you're a bit paranoid, but then who knows?
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    Re: Board Bios

    I am 62 and have been a Celtics fan since 1966. LIve in Illinois Retired from making cars. 4flashman is because I spent 12 years photographing Dirt Track motorcycle racing. I have 2 motorcycles 1993 Sportster  and a 1977 R/750 BMW. Spent 30 years with a BMW 900 1974 and sold it with 85K miles. Once watched Larry Bird destroy Bradley University in Peoria by him self.Don't claim to know much about basketball,just loved to watch the true pride and guts of  talented players.
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    Re: Board Bios

    I don't post often, but read daily, here and Sam's Celtics, in my 60s, still working as reporter, grew up in western Mass, in upstate NY now. From the handle (Russell's first book), he ranks first in my world, but love a lot of Celtics from Cousy to Rondo.
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    Re: Board Bios

    Hi fellow Celtics fans. This is a great idea Bias.
        My name is Michael. I'm 49 years old. I live in Northern California, just north of Sacramento. I'm a native Californian. I became a Celtics when I was a child. My favorite player at the time was Hondo.
         I'm married and have 3 daughters and 2 dogs who act like I'm their father and it's probably because I spoil them like I do my children.
        I work as a clinical psychologist. I've spent my entire career working in mental health. My father is a psychiatrist so I just kind of fell into to the profession because of my father. My wife also works in the mental health profession as a psychiatric nurse.
        This is kind of a funny story in regards to my history as a Celtics fan. I bought my first home in 1990. At the time I got tired of watching Celtics games in a local sports bar that had a satellite dish. I figured it would be cheaper to spend the money on my own satellite dish as buying drinks and dinner every game in the sports bar was quite costly. Therefore I spent 2300 dollars on a 10 foot satellite dish and receiver. I installed a big steel pole and installed the dish in my yeard. I subscribed to WSBK and the New England sports channer to get all the Celtics games. It worked great for a while. Eventuaally the NBA package became available and the saltellite became obselete.
        In regards to playing basketball, I played through highschool. Unfortunately at 5'9, I was too short to play college ball. My biggest wish in life was always to be at least 3 inches taller. Oh well. Life's been good so far  as Joe Walsh sings.
    I was a city league gym rat until my knees couldn't handle anymore sugeries at age 40. So now I'm just an overweight, Celtics fan watching and cheering couch potato. I have been posting here for about 5 years. I had a few different blog names in the past but got banded for swearing a few times. I now know the rules well and abide by them.
       I enjoy blogging with my friends here and will continue to do so as long as I can.
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    Re: Board Bios

    Grew up in NH, lived in Eastern, MA for 5 years.  Lived in ME for 6 years and am back to Southern, NH.  38 Years old.  Most been a computer programmer and systems admin - currently Northeastern University Grad Student.  Grew up watching 80's Celtics and playing in school.  Didn't watch bball for about 10 years after I stopped playing, it just bugged me that I did not play any more and couldn't enjoy watching.  Picked up being a fan again around 2000 when Pierce showed up.  Love it more now than I ever have, especially since they are good again after being a middle tier team for so many long years... lol
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    Re: Board Bios

    Reside in Berlin CT. Am 49, married to a beautiful woman and have 2 beautiful kids.
    Lived on the east coast most of my life (better brand of B-ball than the west coast). Never played past high school but felt could have made a squad at a small school. Always a B-ball fanatic. Enjoy reading these posts when time permits.

    Colombiano: We might have a bond. My best friend in elementary school was from Columbia and moved to Florida in the early seventies. I Played ball on the streets of New Britain at Chesley Park with Rod Foster. Attended and played on his High School team. Do you remember the Rocket?