Boston 3-0 Against The Heat

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    Boston 3-0 Against The Heat

    Boston is now 3-0 against the Miami Heat.  I am not surprised because I know what this Celtics are capable doing, especially with good teams like Miami and Orlando.

    I hope this win sends a good message to all those who desperately want a trade or a change for the Celtics. This is why DA is hesitant making a trade because he knows how good we are if healthy, and we are not even healthy yet.

    We just need our complete team and we will be all set. Miami needed this win more than the Celtics, especially when they came in 2-0 down.

    Again, we just need our complete team. We need "health," not "Trade"

    Take notice, BiasLewis.

    If a man is a debtor, his wife must learn to say, "He is not home"
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    Re: Boston 3-0 Against The Heat

    I agree Chief.  Only trade for us should be a no brainer or one of our last 3 players that could get us a guy that plays.