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    I hear you.  But I am still intrigued.  There was a time that the Celts used to play with Rondo and Perkins on the floor and were pretty good.  I am sufficiently intrigued to not write off this combination right away.



    You might get your wish because apparently Ainge is not in a hurry to trade Rondo.


    He can't trade the guy right now BECAUSE NOBODY WANTS HIM AS BAD AS DA NEEDS HIM GIVEN  HIS RELATIVE WORTH ....once it's apparent that Rondon't is leaving the C's looking for a FA max contract he'll be moved. DA can't get enough value from the little malcontent now because teams that MIGHT want him know they can get him for very little at the trade deadline next year or simply wait for the headcase in Free Agency . DA is in deep crap right now in terms of Wee Devilman PG. It's his own fault.