Brad and His Six-Shooters

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    Brad and His Six-Shooters

    I love it. Shades of Sharman and, sad Sam Jones, Havilchek and Jo Jo White. Move the ball around, and when you get the ball and your open, SHOOT. Works when everyone on the court can shoot. I love it when Sullenger heaves up a 3-pointer! if your wide open and 6-10, why can't you shoot from out there just as well as a guy who's 6-3?

    Before this year is over, the fans will recognize who this team belongs to. It's not Ainge, it's not Rondo; it's Brad Stevens. The best we've had since Red.

    I'll trust whatever he does until I see something very different from I.m seeing now.

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    Re: Brad and His Six-Shooters


      Agree with you guys.  He's got them playing free.