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BRADLEY BEAL: "we know the celts are VULNERABLE!"

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    BDC why can't I block him?

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    Celtics has no inside game --- how can it be better? Any team in the NBA can do this system but they will not go far. It's a fools gold. 

    A jumpshot shooter team has no match to Miami and other premier team. Something has to be done....addition and subtraction will fix this issue.

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    Wash actually gonna be pretty good when Nene and Wall get back.  When we are both at full strenght, they will still give us problems because of their youth.

    Beal played at Florida and knows Docs son from all the H.S. tournaments and playing together and I noticed Doc pull the kid aside after the game and it he kind of gave that "what gives" look so maybe he was adressing those comments, but if the comments were just made today then disregard my assumption