Bradley vs. Moore Tonight

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    Re: Bradley vs. Moore Tonight

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    In Response to Re: Bradley vs. Moore Tonight : He missed his first 2 shots. What are you watching? He missed rim on a 10 footer causing Pierce to throw the ball out back to him at the 3pt line to avoid a shot clock violation and missed the 3. 
    Posted by tompenny

    my fault i wasnt thinking straight wen posting..he did miss two in that first stint and then calmed down and was good. 

    the thing is, if the guy develops into a good player, theres no need to trade him. unless we are gunna get a big that will produce as a STARTER you dont trade him...i am really really high on his defense, i know alot of fans dont really care about that these days but to me, his defense alone should earn him more minutes.

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    Re: Bradley vs. Moore Tonight

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    In Response to Re: Bradley vs. Moore Tonight : Anderson's 7 points on 37% shooting and 18% from 3's in 21 mins are not setting the world on fire. He shot 39% from behind the arc last year, but only 38% total... meaning his non-3 game must be sub-par, and he doesn't defend. He is 2 years older than Bradley. The thing with the pick was that Danny couldn't trade it b/c you can't trade away a pick if it means you go consecutive seasons w/o a 1st, and we didn't have one in 2009. Then we were already going in the Nate/Marquis direction at SG and had Ray under contract for 2 more years so why not pick a kid ranked right there with John Wall all through High School and thought of as someone who would be a top 10 pick if he stayed in school? The reasoning made sense, and as someone who would still just be a college junior, Bradley can still pan out.
    Posted by rameakap

    Add to your comments:  Danny really still likes him.  I don't know if Danny is trying to justify his pick or if he really likes the kid but Danny has been sitting with him, giving him advice, encouraging him, etc.   Clearly, they all are pulling hard for this kid.   Maybe we'll all be wrong and he'll work out.  I hope so.

    Anderson:  He shot 4 from 19 on 3pointers so far this year, but 10 for 19 for non-3 pointers.  So, clearly so far he's shooting well overall.  His D is not great but the Celtics issue is clearly offense as backup to Ray.   And last year, of his total 81 shots, 46 (more than half) were three pointers.  That's what SA asks their shooting guard to do.  Heck, almost 40% of Ray's shots last year were 3's so the kid would have been doing what Ray does - shoot 3's.

    In any case, hind sight is nice but our draft choice is spilled milk now......we just have to hope the kid works out for us from here.

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    Re: Bradley vs. Moore Tonight

       Cs don't want Cousins.   He's a headache.   No all-pro has a consistant bad attitude........   AB played one good game against a team w/ 2 main players missing (making them worse team in league w/o DWilliams).   He's a hustler, but can he play team D?   I'm not impressed w/ his pg skills.   He can't even pass into the post.   Did anybody mention when he got his pocket picked by MBrooks?   I don't think he'll be a major factor in the playoffs (ie don't think he'll get off the bench much).   I agree maryngary, his overplaying will be used against him in the long run...? will he be able to adjust? 
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    Re: Bradley vs. Moore Tonight

    Against Miami, playing a zone d, and having this kid play( surgically implanted )defense on Wade, gives us a chance...