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Breaking Down the Rebounding Numbers

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    Re: Breaking Down the Rebounding Numbers

    With the added youth, size and hopefully healthy return of injured players the team should be able to boost its rebound totals. The older guys don't seem to box out and often can't move the feet to get to the ball (KG, Paul are examples). If healthy, Wilcox and Green will pull down some boards as will Fab and Sully. Collins plays the Perk role of boxing out and physical low post defense (for 10 minutes a game or maybe more against bigger cetners like Dwight). The team hasn't even hit training camp.
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    Re: Breaking Down the Rebounding Numbers

    Who the f!!k cares we are all celtic fans here, it doesnt matter why we lost..... we just lost and myself im proud to be able to my celtics are back to contending every yr like we should be and im proud off the last 5 or 6 yrs and the all the players contributed... i love rayray for chip he helped us win but i do not suport his decision to go to miami... i am also looking foward to seeing this yr celts compete again... damn people we all bleed green here.. except for the trolls... i know you guys remeber being the laughing stock of all sports 15-20 yrs ago ... the pats were shitty, reggie died, the bruins couldnt find it, and the sox just couldnt compete with the evil empire... now we are the glorious sports town with all the chips behind us to support... be proud to be a bostonian, who knows how long we ll be at the top stuff changes people....