Breaking Down the Rebounding Numbers

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    Re: Breaking Down the Rebounding Numbers

    In Response to Re: Breaking Down the Rebounding Numbers:
    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: Breaking Down the Rebounding Numbers : Guess what? rame is the one who said McDyess will get x number of rebounds because that is what he has done over his whole career. I'm not the one who brought up McDyess. You really want to talk about dishonoring your family? How about going to 2006, when LaFrentz was still a Celtic, just to find a game where the Celts beat the Lakers even when the Lakers had the rebounding advantage. HAHAHA!!!
    Posted by Fiercest34[/QUOTE]

    try to follow this....      I know that rame brought up McDyess, and used the projection of McDyess' rebs in his argument...      YOU rejected the projections as somehow invalid....            MY point is that the McDyess projections are the SAME  as the Fierce Fetish predictions that the Celts cant win without 40....    They are BOTH predictions based on past performance.   

    And you can't read it slowly enough to make the connection - or appreciate the irony  of your own blinderd vision.      

    There is nothing dishonets about 2006...     Did I hide or falsify the  date?,,,    and btw I went back to 2006 because you made the stupid assertion that the Celts could NEVER beat the lakers if they don't out rebound them.       
    Can you really not see the difference between using a statistic that you think is not relevant to an arguement and renigging on a bet and a promise?   Breaking your word?      Really? that is the same in your eyes?   
    Please stop,,, it is getting harder and harder to think of you as a person worth conversing with.

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    Re: Breaking Down the Rebounding Numbers

    In Response to Re: Breaking Down the Rebounding Numbers:
    [QUOTE]Say the Celtics signed Antonio McDyess with the MLE over Sheed in '09 as I would have rather they done at the time. In 21 mins he avg's 5.9 reb's a game (playoffs 24.7/6.8) In 22.5 mins Rasheed Wallace avg's 4.1 reb's (playoffs 17.1/3.0) Well with McD on our team over Sheed we average 40.4 boards a game. Yet when Perk went down Rasheed came up with a 36 minute, 11 point 8 rebound effort. McDyess only had 1 game in 11 those playoffs where he put up those #'s, a 12/10 in a 16 point loss to PHX. The Suns didn't have the frontcourt that LA did. Was he going to change the 13 total and 15 offensive rebound disparity in that game 7? So right there, you take away the guy who sat behind the 3 point line, put a a vet known for his toughness and rebounding (avg'd 12 per over his career) in his place and the outcome is likely the same. But take away the demoralizing effects of losing your starting center in the opening mins of game 6, and seeing your best shooter go 0-8 in a game 3 you should have won and 4-28 overall from 3 after his leg bruise... and it is completely different... you can't be 100% sure those Celtics would have pulled it out... but you can be pretty confident, and darn sure that injuries were more a reason C's lost then the BS Fierce is trying to pull about them not being a 40 rebound team that year
    Posted by rameakap[/QUOTE]

    what are you doing writing screeds about mcdyess coming here three years ago?

    how about someone other than aortic valve replacement victims being the major frontcourt signings this year???? 

    fierce- we get "younger"- has nothing to do with rebounds.  it was more than obvious this team needed big time frontcourt help coming into this offseason.  garnett played great but ran out of gas and can't do it himself.  so what do we do?  we get rid of steamer and sign jason collins?  re-sign wilcox and green who are just question marks and we're supposed to believe that sallinger and melo are going to contribute to this front court in the event that the green/wilcox gamble doesn't work?

    or does this all lay with blandone bass?  his per minute rebounding has been on the slide since he left dallas....  it's not like we were stoked with rebounders here last year- everyone was begging for him to get the windex out and do it but he turned in a WORSE per minute rebounding performance than he did playing along side duh wight howard in ORL!!!

    so did we get a big man coach to try to reverse the horrible footwork trends of bass and he's suddenly going to average 8 boards a game per 32 minutes played instead of 5.X?

    i mean maybe i could rationalize this, fierce, if we added a slasher type with a nose for rebounds, in the 6-5 to 6-7 range.  but all that fits that description is jeff green, a below average rebounder BEFORE heart surgery...

    honestly, let's just call it for what it is here.  i support this team but there is nothing in the frontcourt that i see that is a solid upgrade over last year.  if anything we have lost shot blocking ability- steamer was a leauge leading per minute played swat guy, with all of his other issues of course, but he made a difference when he was in there.  collins won't do that.
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    Re: Breaking Down the Rebounding Numbers

    With the added youth, size and hopefully healthy return of injured players the team should be able to boost its rebound totals. The older guys don't seem to box out and often can't move the feet to get to the ball (KG, Paul are examples). If healthy, Wilcox and Green will pull down some boards as will Fab and Sully. Collins plays the Perk role of boxing out and physical low post defense (for 10 minutes a game or maybe more against bigger cetners like Dwight). The team hasn't even hit training camp.
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    Re: Breaking Down the Rebounding Numbers

    Who the f!!k cares we are all celtic fans here, it doesnt matter why we lost..... we just lost and myself im proud to be able to my celtics are back to contending every yr like we should be and im proud off the last 5 or 6 yrs and the all the players contributed... i love rayray for chip he helped us win but i do not suport his decision to go to miami... i am also looking foward to seeing this yr celts compete again... damn people we all bleed green here.. except for the trolls... i know you guys remeber being the laughing stock of all sports 15-20 yrs ago ... the pats were shitty, reggie died, the bruins couldnt find it, and the sox just couldnt compete with the evil empire... now we are the glorious sports town with all the chips behind us to support... be proud to be a bostonian, who knows how long we ll be at the top stuff changes people....