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Bring this team back

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    Bring this team back

    This doesn't have to be the the last run for the big 4, i mean what realistic options are better in free agency. i say bring the main guys back on one year contracts and go for another run the blowup in 2013 when free agency is better. it looks to me that Ray Allen will, so sign someone like OJ Mayo or bring Allen back if he's willing to take a pay cut to play for Boston.

    KG/Stiemsma/draft pick
    Pierce/Green/draft pick
    Mayo or Allen/Pietrus/Moore
    Rondo/Bradley/draft pick
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    Re: Bring this team back

    We're going to get a lot of new players (including Green and Bradley back), and I think to have Allen and Garnett there too, playing reduced minutes, we'd be deep and formidible.