In Response to Re: Brooks:
In Response to Re: Brooks : And you think that people are actually afraid to state their opinion here because the BDC mob will be mean to them????              So you are saying that you won't state your opinion on the Brooks/Rondo comparison because you feel threatened?    That you won't respond to my request for a team performance based metric for evaluating Rondo's performance because the BDC mob will call you names?  Well I sincerely apologize if my posts have threatened or intimidated you or anyone...  that is certainly not my intent.    And I'm calling out all the intimidators right now... cut it out.   stop it  .   really.   ,Furthermore anyone who uses fear tactics and intimidation should be ostrisized and ignored by this forum.   Anyone who has seen intimidating or threatening posts on this board please point them out. If the indicated posts are in fact intimidating or threatening I will request an apology from the offending poster and if they do not respond amenably I will undertake the most drastic action possible, I will encouraGE EVERYONE ON THE BOARD TO OFFICIALLY IGNORE THOSE POSTERS. I will myself ignore them.   The act ingoring is of course the most drastic action available to anyone here.    I am ready and willing to go to the max to rid this board of fear mongering and intimidation! Once these threats have been neutralized might we then finally be offered the benefit of your opinion regarding the Brooks/ Rondo issue.   Would the Celts be better with Brooks or Rondo as starting point Guard?           
Posted by videoburns

Changing the culture here is a Herculean task. Management will have to buy in since they and only they have the power to police/enforce/moderate/ban.

IGNORING might help a bit.

Turning down the shrillness to make for a more inclusive, respectful forum w/o management buying in.....???

As the old baseball sage, Dizzy Dean used to say...  partner, you got just two chances... slim... and none!

In the past, concerted efforts by well intentioned posters have failed... and they left.

Your intentions seem honorable though. I'm all ears.