Bulls game thoughts

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    Bulls game thoughts

    Another frustrating game to watch... each time we pulled close or into the lead, the BUlls would go on a streak and open up a good lead. That's making a point

    Rondo for all but 5 mins or so was sleep walking again... apparently intimidated by Rose imo.  I cant blame Rondo for not containing Rose, who can?  Hes too fast, qucik and athletic & skilled. The next MJ?? Could be.. hes that much better than the rest. 

    Rondo had a meeting with DOc after the game. Maybe his ego was smashed after the beating he took and he needed DOc to hear an explanation (injury, mental state) so Doc, in turn, can explain to the media Rondo wasnt 100%... to protect his ego from the thumping Rose gave him.

    JON, hes been doing pretty good.. scoring a bit and challenging shots.. but this stat sticks out from last night.  Both JON & Kristic played a combined 33 mins and accumulated a grand total of 2 rebs between them

    Baby struggled all game. I like his detemination to work hard and hes one of the few that take it to the hole and draw fouls. Still, when hes not being successful, the C's have to find an alternative. Why do they still post him up with all the other talent on the court? 

    Ray continues to be a disaster with the ball.. too careless and out of control. He should just STOP trying to be a playmaker and look for screens to run off of.

    PP played maybe his worse game of the season. Cant even go into it, it'll take me pages to summarize.

    KG worked hard but one thing about him is hes so soft around the basket... has been since hes been in Boston. A couple times he has the ball in close range and got rid of it. He has problems going up strong.  He couldnt do much to stop Rose in the paint either but overall, KG was very active defensively..

    The Bulls have crossed the threshold into championship contender. I dont think theres any doubt they are a serious threat to win it all.

    I hate Deng... would love to have him on our team but as a BUll, he gets me sick. Hes having a good season and played great last night.

    So many transition baskets off of bad Celtic plays... Green misses a breakaway layup and Bogans converts a 3 pointer off of the transition.  Rondo can easily grab a ball going out of bounds but inexplicably tries tapping it unsuccessfully to Ray leading to a breakway layup... Several more happened during the game.

    I hope the beating we took is what they call a good loss. One that shakes to the core and wakes up the competitor inside.

    Last comment... wouldnt it be interesting to ponder....

    As Bill Parcells was hailed a genius for what he did with the Giants, Pats & Jets... to have Bellichek (his long time assistant) emerge as perhaps the real genius behind Parcells... winning titles and building a dynasty...

    Think about Rivers/Tibs... could the same thing be happening??

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    Re: Bulls game thoughts

    Bottom line is that neither Rondo, Pierce or Allen are playing any defense at all. Expecially on the three point line. You look at the stats in the last month and we have been dominated there. Last night 2-10, Chicago 9-22. This has been an on going theme. Amazingly, I'm sure, someone will talk about the Perkins trade. It has nothing to do with interior defense. We don't guard the perimeter. When Rose continues to drive by Rondo like he isn't there is a problem. The bench scored 32 points last night. You cannot blame them. They have played well.  Center position 11 points and 3 rebounds. This lays at the feet Pierce, Allen and Rondo, offensively and defensively.
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    Re: Bulls game thoughts

    In Response to Bulls game thoughts:
    Good post. Interesting remark on Doc/Thibbs.
    I'm really looking forward to the playoffs. There isn't a clear favorite to win it all,
    Lakers, Spurs, Celts, Bulls and Heat are all viewed pretty even.
    I believe there will be no Heat dynasty because of the Bulls. I sincerely hope we can bring 18 home NOW, next year will be too late.
    The Bulls will be our main obstacle for us to come out of the East.
    Unlike what some here believe, they are championship material.
    Our players weren't brilliant but we have to give them credit, their D was suffocating us.
    Hopefully Rondo's tender mind can cope with what happened last night. Last summer he proclaimed to be the best PG. Well I hope the crash back to earth didn't hurt his ego too much because we'll need him to be his best.
    Rose is a joy to watch even as a Celtic fan, players like that don't come along very often.
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    Re: Bulls game thoughts

    When we play the way we did against a serious contender that plays D and team ball, I'm glad we lose.  Why?
    It shows the team in a way Doc can't what their shortcomings are.  Lucking out with a win won't do that.
    The Celtics all learned last night that they need to be a whole lot better to beat Chicago in a 7 game series without home court advantage, both as individuals and as a team.
    Not a time to hang their heads, but a time to wakeup.
    I hope they watch the film of this game over and over, because they need it to stick in their heads.
    If there is a next time this year, we'll see how deep they can dig and if they remember what's made them great over the last 4 years.
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    Re: Bulls game thoughts

    good post Karl and breaktime. The Bulls players before this game said they got excited when Perk was traded ,and went from thinking they can beat us to knowing they can beat us.  Now I personally think its not as easy as just blaming Perk, but when a team raises its confident level, thats all that is needed because b-ball is 90% confident. Everyone is good at this level.  So I think that look on the faces of guys on the bench was "wow, these guys got better" , when really they just played with more confidence.  All we can hope for now is for the chance to even meet these guys in the postseason 1st and foremost and if so, hope that our experience and the anger of this loss help us get through it, but all in all they wont be our 1st opponent, so its a mute point.  We have to take one series at a time, and we cant pass judgement on a possible celts/bulls matchup until we see how we perform in the playoffs 1st round.  Im not that worried, as the problems I see are very correctable, but I dont know if Doc thinks they are problems...I think he is too nonchalant and thinks that if we just pass the ball and take good shots, everything is fine...I think he needs to adress the issue of us not having a guy on the team willing to step up and put somebody on the floor to set the tone....meanwhile our big 4 have been getting roughed up all year, bloodied and bruised with no retaliation..
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    Re: Bulls game thoughts

    Rose did whatever he wanted with Rondo. My thoughts, Rondo is the one that needs to get it together so I dont know why he is commenting about the team...oh and Big Baby Davis gotta stop shooting jump shots. He is reminding me of Antoine Walker. A big player playing outside. Is painful to watch him shoot the ball, just painful.
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    Re: Bulls game thoughts

    In Response to Re: Bulls game thoughts:
    Rose did whatever he wanted with Rondo. My thoughts, Rondo is the one that needs to get it together so I dont know why he is commenting about the team...oh and Big Baby Davis gotta stop shooting jump shots. He is reminding me of Antoine Walker. A big player playing outside. Is painful to watch him shoot the ball, just painful.
    Posted by cabutan

    To be fair, what Rose did to Rondo he can pretty much do to anyone else guarding him. Rose has elevated his game to super elite. Rondos not that great a front up defender against fair players, let alone a superstar like Rose.

    Baby has a decent jumper in the right spot without a hand in his face. He should take those. What I didnt understand against the Bulls is why they kept posting him up..... didnt do so good but at least got to the line a few times.