First off let me confirm that I was born and raised 100% Celtics green so  I hate the laker, Kobe & that outta the way.

Ok , here is what I don't get and Doc Rivers has said this:

"Bynum is better offensively and Howard is better defensively"

Can anyone please explain how is that since Howard averages more points than Bynum???

Howard: 20 ppg
Bynum: 18 ppg

the only real difference I see statistically is rebounding with howard leading by 3 more boards per game & physically Howrd is wider with his shoulders but Bynum has longer arms.

their block shots per game are amost identical with Howard leading by what .7 more??

Celtics don't need a center. They have KG who was awesome in the playoffs and Collins to back him up and was the best post defender against Howard.
While it is fair to say that the lakers do have the best front line, it is also fair to say that the C's have the best backcourt lineup.