Let's face it.. Paul Pierce has hurt this team more then helped them during the first two games. If the Celtics are going to win a game, they need PP to play better then what he has given so far. He needs to show a lot more composure stop thinking and play the game! I'm not sure what gets into this guy's head during the play-offs, but something just isn't right. Getting thrown out of the first game did nothing but give Miami the upper hand for game two, plus make PP (once again) look foolish. I'm sure you remember the neck brace embarrassment from a few years ago.

With all that said, when he is on his game he can carry this team. So let's hope that's the Paul that shows up for game three.  Perkins, Shaq, TA, Posey and whoever else you want to throw out there, means nothing it's all on PP's shoulders now.