The reality has set in. This is RR's team. For the celts to have a shot at winning, he will have to DOMINATE again. Obviously just scoring 45 with 9 rebounds and 10 assists won't cut it. So can he get 50? I say yes esp if he plays all 48 minutes and gets 15 assists with 12 boards. The man needs help. Chris Wilcox would have helped. KG can't run. Pp will be in foul trouble covering Bron. Ray can't run. No AB, big trouble. Our guys are in trouble big time. No matter what happens in this series, I will bring back AB and bring back Ray for 20 minutes in a secondary role if mutual. We are stuck with Paul. Frankly, will even bring back KG, Bass and Peaches if mutual. But we need upgrades from Quis and the Doolings of the world. We need to get as freakishly athletic as Miami. Rondo and Bradley would help, we'll just need another guy with more height like an Austin Rivers.

Perhaps LJ or Wade will sprain an ankle. Barring some act of Gawd, we are TOAST!