Can the bench emerge?

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    Can the bench emerge?

    In the 2008 [playoffs, especially in the finals against the Lakers, the Celtics' bench was key.
    Take a look back at this article from  Leon Powe, James Posey, and Eddie house made big contributions. Tony Allen, PJ Brown, and Sam Cassels also pitched in. This time around, the bench is even more important. The Big 3 are 3 years older, and the "new" starting center, JO, is physically limited by his bad knees. Can the bench emerge?  Can Davis and West overcome injuries and  slow starts and push it up a notch or two? Can Shaq come back to  contribute 10-15 quality minutes a game? Can Green figure it out and fit in? Can Kristic play tougher?  Without the bench, how much more can the starting 5 give?
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    Re: Celtics playoff success will depend on their bench

    I agree with you about the bench.  The bench when we won the championship was far superior to our current bench.   Posey, Powe and PJ Brown all were big contributors to our winning the championship that year.    The current bench really has to improve for us to even have a chance of winning the championship this year.