Can this team win?

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    Can this team win? 


    Rondo / Crawford

    Bradley / Lee / (3pt specialist 2014 Nets pick)

    Green / Wallace

    Aldridge / (free agent like Diaw maybe Marion?)

    Asik / Favarani


    Asik and Aldridge could likely give us more than KG & Perk did as a front-court. Alrdige is a superior offensive player and Asik is an overall better player, especially defender than Perk was. On this team, Aldridge is our #1 option and is able to take advantage of PFs in our conference with his quickness and size. Rondo is our #2 option, running the P&R will Aldridge. Of course a lot is predicated on Rondo continuing the improvements on his shooting. If he can get get this .484 up over .500, that's all we need. Avery and Jeff are able to play secondary roles for this team on the wing. Both need to continue to improve on their three point shooting and both have shown the ability to hit corner threes. Asik can do what he does best, rebound, defend and play hard.

    I think Asik, Bradley and Wallace form a strong defensive core. Rondo adds to that with his anticipation and ability to create turnovers. I think Aldridge becomes a better defensive player under coach Stevens. Green will continue to improve on defense. This team could compete with Memphs, Indy, Chicago and Miami for top defense in the league.


    I understand we sell our top pick in 2014. We sell our two young, high potential PFs. We sell some of our bench scorers and defenders in Bass & Brooks. But, we can really compete. We position our roster to take advantage of an EC that could dramatically shift next year. Melo could be off to LA. Lebron could be elsewhere, leaving Miami to crumble. Pierce & KG could retire leaving the Nets barren and still over the tax. There are rumors about the Bulls not willing to pay for a 90M payroll, so Deng could be moved and their team weakened. Indy is a threat, but their ownership is not willing to pay tax, so I see an ceiling on that team.


    I say strike next year. If a LA & Rondo combo has succes, they could both resign and open a window for contending starting in 2015. Really, the most important thing is getting better and knocking the Nets down, so that we can use their picks to continue adding to our core over the next few years. 

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    Re: Can this team win?

    oh good lord, not this again...

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    Re: Can this team win?

    In response to Eldunker's comment:

    oh good lord, not this again...

    Every day until the season starts!

    (so last one!)


    Sorry dude, but all the other posts on here suck, although I do like the trade ideas!