Can we Amnesty Gerald Wallace?

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    Can we Amnesty Gerald Wallace?

    Anyone know the answer 3 yrs 30mill a tad steep for a guy thats lousy.

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    Re: Can we Amnesty Gerald Wallace?

    I agree. But I don't think we can amnesty a traded player and if that isn't the case, I think his contract was signed after the new CBA. 


    But, they can use the stretch provision which means taking his 30M and stretching it over 7 years and then releasing him as a player. This would leave us with 4M in cap space per year dedicated to this bum. I wonder if we can bit the bullet this year and use that provision next year which would mean roughly 20/7 so less than 3M per year over 7.


    The ULTIMATE would be if somehow someway Danny could use Wallace in a S&T with Atlanta for Josh Smith. Very unlikely and I shudder at what we would need to give up. Perhaps we hold on to Wallace for a few years and then trade his (eventually) expiring contract in a bigger deal down the road.


    Whatever is done, please, please god, please just don't let that psycho loser play as a starting celtic. Leave him on the bench or even better, release him and just eat the money.