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Cap space for picks?

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    Cap space for picks?

    Since DH is staying in Orlando for next year and the only real big FA is Deron Williams (correct me if I'm wrong), is there a possible way that the C's could trade there cap space for lottery picks? I have no idea if this is possible or if it is plausible, but could the C's take a bad contract for a year and a pick for some of their cap space? I know salaries have to match with the new CBA but I'm just wondering if there is some loophole for picks since this year's draft is supposedly so deep.
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    Re: Cap space for picks?

    The loophole is salaries do not have to match if you are under the cap.  If the c's denounce all of their FA's they would be WAY under the cap, and COULD trade a bag of balls for a player and picks, and absorb the cap hit.