Only and ONLY if we are able to re-sign Kevin Garnett.

This makes perfect sense for the Celtics. As much as we all love Paul Pierce, we need an elite scorer to paddle us in those often rough offensive drought stretches of our team.

Paul Pierce was that guy in 2008 when he went mano-a-mano againt Lebron in Game 7 of the 2008 ECSF. We need that kind of offensive weapon again. But Paul, our Captain, is 4 years older than that guy in 2008. That 2008 guy is not walking through that door again.

It also makes sense for the Knicks. Amare and Carmelo can't co-exist. So does Lin and Carmelo. Adding a veteran Paul Pierce in their mix sans Carmelo will do wonders for that group. Quite a formidable team and scary if we are to meet them in next year's playoffs.

Carmelo in a Celtics uniform? Possible. A lot has been said about Carmelo's defensive weaknesses but he'll be playing alongside great defensive players - Garnett, Rondo, Bradley. 

Carmelo is selfish? Too one-dimensional? Takes a lot of time holding / dribbling the ball? Yes. But he will defer to Rondo. He can't yield to Jeremy Lin for obvious reasons, the guy is still unproven. But with Rondo around, it will be a different story. Carmelo is already 28 years old and will be mature enough to accept a system with solid veterans around him. He has seen his pals LBJ and Wade to have won it all. He wants the same thing.

Wild trade, but something worth looking forward to.