Carmelo Suspended

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    Re: Carmelo Suspended

    I guess he will be waiting for Stern or Jackson in the parking lot now!! Once a thug always a thug!!

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    Re: Carmelo Suspended

    It should be 3 games - stalking & bullying is a crime - he get's away

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    Re: Carmelo Suspended

    Very surprised that they did this.  I guess the elite players do sometimes get treated like all of the other players in the league.  It is really great news. 

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    Re: Carmelo Suspended

    melo made a big stink and threw a fit because he was choking.  he's done it before and he's done it again.  nothing new.  but the trying to get into the lockerroom and "waiting at the bus" so he could do some more "vicious" yelling at KG is bush league trash.

    he deserves to be suspended.  the guy is as tough as a marshmallow and should be careful what he wishes for. 

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    Re: Carmelo Suspended

    i'm sure his terrible performance in what turned out to be a great game contributed to his loss of pride, but it's tough to argue with a guy trying to confront someone who talks about his wife in those kinds of terms. don't think anyone can be all that surprised with what KG supposedly said as he has a history of stepping way over the line (villanueva "cancer patient"). all you have to do is sit near the court during home games to catch bits and pieces of it and it ain't for the faint of heart. not sure ganrett or camrelo could fight their way out of a paper bag (neiither guys has a rep as any kind of tough guy), but might have been entertaining to watch. easy for fans to call carmelo a thug, but emotion is human, and I'm sure he viewed it as standing up for himself. in the long run it won't hurt his repaution any and some players might think twice about going too far with him. then again, garnett likely got accomplished what he wanted to in the first place - he's in his head. next time out of the box between these teams should be interesting. 

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    Re: Carmelo Suspended

    Should have got more than one game...bump a ref get one...stalk someone after game get one? Pathetic

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    Re: Carmelo Suspended

    GOOD!! Esp since I started a thread a few days ago saying he should be.....LOL