While these billionaires and multimillionaires go to war over greed, training staffs, arena support staff, vendors, and custodians get screwed over. Then the working fans, who invest time and money to follow the teams they love, are the other party that gets the raw end of this deal. Having an incredibly stressful life in college/work, I always viewed the celtics and the nba as my favorite distraction from everyday tedium. If we lose the entire season to this cba argument, I for one will be incredibly disappointed. Realistically, I understand the owners and players gripes. To sign even mediocre talent, the teams need to fork out a lot of money to stay competitive. From the players' perspective, why should they pay for the mistakes of incompetant GM's, (see David Kahn, Joe Dumars, Isiah Thomas). This is a situation that I don't think will be resolved until november/december at earliest, and that just plain sucks.