OK, I love NBA basketball (particularly the Celts), but this whole collective bargaining thing is starting to really tick me off.  This is a business to make money.  They don't need a player's union.  Unions came about to protect workers from the abuse and improper treatment by employers (think of coal miners in Kentucky).  These guys are hardly taken advantage of by the league and the owners.  They make millions of dollars per year, are given celebrity status, and many other perks I'm sure the general public isn't even aware of....ALL FOR PLAYING A GAME.  Even at the league minimum contract, they are well above the average income level of the average American citizen...in fact, the league minimum would put them in highest tax bracket.  All this nonsense about profit sharing etc is really starting to bug me.  Take your $5 million dollars for 10 - 12 years, and live a comfortable life afterwards!  You don't deserve more!..Do your job, get paid for it, and that's it!

I know it may be an oversimplification of the situation, but seriously, this is the entertainment industry not something that is vital to society like school teachers, police or fire workers, doctors, nurses, etc.  To see people squabbling about such vast sums of money while the country is in a recession is sickening!

I will get off my soapbox now!