I love the Celtics' grit, determination, their find a way to win mentality. And I celebrate and toast every win.  Each victory extends this team's remarkable and unexpected  success this year (considering age and injuries). 
I love Rondo's ascendance, KG's resurgence, Pierce's tenacity, and Ray's pain threshold.   This is a team that is easy to admire.  
But something about this series is making me very nervous....  nervous about the next series.   Boston and Miami seem more and more like two deeply flawed, incomplete teams who can't play good ball for more than a few minutes in a row. Two teams with fragile psyches, prone to mental melt downs - Boston blowing big leads repeatedly, Miami blowing numerous winning opportunities with missed foul shots and clanging open jumpers.

Is this just the result of elite level competition?  Is my inner pessimist getting the upper hand? Is everything OK, or is the Western Champ going to cake walk to an embarrassingly easy victory in the finals?      

THAT would be all the more troublesome as it would encourage the likes of idiot Elven.      Where's he been lately btw?