Celtic Pride; Lakers Cried

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    Re: Celtic Pride; Lakers Cried

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    Like the Lakers will not receive 19.285m worth of player contracts for Gasol?

    How many teams out there have the cap space and are willing to trade just a 1st round pick for a soon to be 33-year old Pau Gasol?

    Remember, if the Lakers trade Pau Gasol to a team not under the cap, the Lakers will also have to take back players worth 19.285m. So trading Gasol is not the solution to go under the tax apron.


    Remember? I just told you that you were wrong because they didn't need to trade to a team over the cap .... trying to correct your own errors with a "coverup" post?


    I am surprise he is still talking about S&T's trade, after he was embrassed and lied about BDC deleting all the post.

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