This team I think is going to give us a little of everything this year,  we are going to play well, play bad,  win more than we lose.  It will be very hard to upstage the young talent around the league.  Miami will be a monster (heard yesterday they have been tabbed as a 58 win team this year)    Of course most teams are one injury away from falling from contention.  Rose out- Bulls out,  Wade or Queenie out- Heat just a playoff team.  Durant out - Thunder out. Pierce or KG out- C's out.   The C's  need to be both healty and rested.  Hopefully Doc will give the rooks a shot because I don't think Dooling is going to get it done, and I also want Steamer to get in because of his blocking ability.  Not sure I am going to get what I want.  If the cards fall in place we can have a very successful season.  There is going to be a lot of second guessing on the board this year.  U see how much after one game.