Celtics are not better without KO

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    Celtics are not better without KO

    Tommy is right KO is going to be a very good part of the puzzel, like Tommy says you can not look at KO's stats now and see his value.  It will take time for him to start to shoot the ball becasue he is trying to fit in now and is doing the little things that many do not notice.  We are not better without him.  Fact is we are not better with Fav on the bench.  Fav and KO both need minutes if we are to develop into a real team in the future with additions.  Sullinger is a bit ahead of KO at this time but the three of them, KO, Sullinger, and Fav give us a future with the promise of a championship with the right additions.  Our vets give us a future of futility.  Jeff Green continues to play at about 65% of his potential and Crash is crashing.  Lee has improved and if Crawford continues to improve he may be a keeper , he might even be the 2 we are looking for.  Bradley has played better lately and his defense is great most of the time, he needs to cut back on some of the shots in order to keep everybody involved.  It looks like Rondo may return soon, he is moving very good and may just need confidence in his ability to cut and go.  Rose reinjured himself today and is back out with surgery, so there is not guarantee that a whole year off is better than just playing when you feel you can.  It may be time for Rondo to make a comeback and let us see what kind of team we have with him as the main guy.

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    Re: Celtics are not better without KO

    Tommy loves everybody but I agree that KO is a big part of our future, as a player or a trade chip. I no longer see Jeff Green as our number one option or even number two option.  Sullinger looks great and we need to make more effort to get  the ball inside to him.  Sullinger and KO are good  now and could ge very good in 12 to 24 months.  Fav is much better than I thought he was.  He is young and can be a part of our future.  KO, Sullinger, Fav, and Rondo and mabey Bradley and Crawford, look like keepers or very good trade bait to me.  Someone should want Brandon, Hump, and Lee , I hope for I don't think they are part of out long term goals.  Crash as you call him is on the downside or pouting by not playing offence.  It all depends on the draft or trades Danny makes but we are on the right road with Sullinger, KO , and Fav.

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