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Celtics can contend in 14 with KG and Pierce

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    Re: Celtics can contend in 14 with KG and Pierce

    In response to kaktug's comment:

    the longer PP starts at the 3, the longer jeff green's growth will be slowed. green's a natural 3 and should be starting there. end of story. in green, rondo and bradley we have three very nice starters at the 1-2-3. admittedly, neither rondo or bradley has a deadly outside shot. if we could get a true 2-guard, bradley can come off the bench at the 1 or the 2. that might actually be ideal.


    BINGO- and then enter the nincompoop-posing-as-coach- the "veteran player's coach", doc blithers.  doc would never make such a move unless pierce had one leg amputated.  it's not really such a big move.  mchale did it, havlichek did it, maxwell did it.  going way back.....  bill sharman?  but such a concept- wholesome and for the "good of the team" is foreign to doc rivers, a functional idiot of a coach. 


    all doc cares about is pandering to and his cred with pierce and kg- to the point where what's best for the team is starkly avoided

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    Re: Celtics can contend in 14 with KG and Pierce

    What if we can waive and sign PP to a more friendly, 5M contract? Can't that give us enough cap space to sign another piece?


    I think everyone is forgetting about Sullinger. The kid was a freaking rookie with back problems ... and there were calls to insert him into the starting line-up, replacing Bass!! We've fixed the back problems for good, he will have had the 2/3 of a season to situate to the NBA. He was a monster rebounder. I think that solves a lot of our problems. 

    Rondo, Avery, Green, Sullinger is a solid YOUNG core.

    Can we all agree that with Rondo back and Green's emergence, Paul can finally take a lesser role on the team? Perhaps we start talking to him about coming off the bench or pairing his minutes to KG. Paul's weaknesses (increasing with age) is ball handling and turnovers. With Rondo on the floor, it releaves a lot of that pressure from Paul. He can get back to what he does best.


    I'm not sure what the final answer is line-up wise. If it were me, I'd have:

    Rondo, Williams

    Pierce, Avery, Crawford, Terry


    Bass, Sullinger, Randolph

    KG, (F.A. Shot blocker), Melo, F.A big body (Collins type)


    What is wrong with this team?

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    Re: Celtics can contend in 14 with KG and Pierce

    Duncan has been a Center but called a power forward since the retirement of Robinson, or at least that is what Popovich has said.

    Your love is showing again.

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