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Celtics Fake Tough

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    Celtics Fake Tough

    Good read. Otis Smith is a good GM. He doesn't understand what toughness means when it comes to basketball.
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    Re: Celtics Fake Tough

    He must think Dwight Howard is the tough guy, you know with all the smiles and elbows...
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    Re: Celtics Fake Tough

    The story is true. Toughness is doing what ever is necessary to win within the rules.

    Defense takes more effort than offense with less individual recognition, unless you are KG. It takes toughness to bring the same level of play every night.

    Staying in great shape and running through screens until the opponent has his tongue dragging on the floor takes toughness.

    Going to the floor to get the loose ball takes toughness.

    Taking charges takes toughness.

    Doing what is best for the team instead of the individual takes toughness.
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