Celtics fans need to chill out.

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    Celtics fans need to chill out.

    Ya'll need to take a chill pill. It seems like Rondo not only needs a break from the court, but needs a break from all the hating and flaming a lot of you are dishing out. Rondo and the celtics are FINE, yes, you heard me, FINE. This is what you call a SLUMP and no, it's not all Rondo's fault. Over the past 8 games Rondo isn't the only Celtic that is having issues finishing at the basket, the whole team is (minus Jeff Green who's just a beast). The big three are shooting just about 10% over the past 2 weeks, and the last time I checked Pierce, Allen, and Garnett still know how to play basketball, and guess what? SO DOES RONDO. It's called a slump, and it happens every year for the Celtics, and guess what? They always get it together come playoff time. Do you really think it's going to be any different? I'm so friken sorry we traded away your precious Perkins but did he really make that big of a difference late in games? No, but Kristic sure does. So why don't you all relax, stop all the yelling for Rondo to be demoted to D-League, because once again, he will show up come playoff time just like the rest of the big-3. 
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    Re: Celtics fans need to chill out.

    Fans dont need to chill out, they need to do what they are doing...being fans.

    That means cheers, geers and everything else in between.

    I agree with you that most likely the C's will come out of this slump and play better.. most good teams go through this every year.. so have the C's but they get it together eventually.

    The point is, when they are going great, everyone is on their johnson.... so when they are stinking it up, the opposite is ok.

    Ya know, us fans need to vent too when our teams plays like s***... nothing wrong with that.... in fact its healthy
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