OK, being a Celtic fan since 1969, and either watching every game or reading every box score since then, here are my first impressions of C's after game one.

1) Jermaine O'Neil - looked like a statue set in cement. Zero aggressiveness, slow and plodding. If we can't get 10 & 10 out of him, look to jetison him in a package deal, sooner than later. Then there's the DUMB technical foul - enough to drive an organization CRAZY. I say, give Chris Wilcox and/or Greg Stiestma (?) at go; at least they are more active. 

2) Marques Daniels - I have never seen what the C's brass see in this guy. He got absolutely 'torched' by Carmelo, missed the go ahead 3-pointer (not even close), and isn't very good from the stripe. A defensive stopper? This guy doesn't make much happen out there, other than give me fits. He's more concerned about the positioning of his hair than he is his play on the court. I think Michael Pietrus will be a better 6th man.  

3) Brandon Bass - great upgrade from Big Baby; very active, and can get above the rim. I'd like to see him gets 'lots' of minutes this year, be energy off the bench and really bang the boards.

4) Kevin Garnett - would love to see Kevin get his skinny 'butt' under the basket and get high % shots and more rebounds, instead of doing an Antoine Walker imitation and jacking up jump shots. Again, for what we're paying Garnett, double / double should be a reasonable expecation, I don't care what his age is.

5) Rondo - what can one say - AWESOME game.

6) Avery Bradley - enough already. He looks like a good defensive player, but if I can't depend on the guy to even dribble the ball without it being stolen, should he be getting playing time?

7) Doc - I would gamble a bit and give liberal minutes to E'Twaun Moore, who I think can be a real stud, and good surprise. We'll have to see how Johnson does after some playing time, but let's go with some youthful legs.