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Celtics free agency options

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    Celtics free agency options

    Kenyon Martin - PF 6-9

    Used to be a beast... Strong and explosive... Played with intensity... A monster dunk waiting to happen... Very good running the floor... Very tough... Was one of the best defenders at the power forward spot... No decent jump shot... Low-post game needs refinement... Not the same after the knee injury.

    Louis Amundson - PF 6-9

    A hustle player... Active on the boards... Brings energy off the bench... Will not be mistaken for a scorer. Signed with the Minnesota Timberwolves in September 2012. Waived in February.

    Scott Machado - PG 6-1 (RGV Vipers) -

    Great court vision... Terrific passer... Doesn't have typical NBA athleticism.

    Shelvin Mack - PG 6-3 (Maine Red Claws) -

    More than decent defensive player that is showing progress at the playmaking department... Still a fringe NBA player at this point.




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    Re: Celtics free agency options

    I still don't really get the Martin thing. If he is in shape he couldn't hurt. Mack should be on a 10 day  but I thnk they will wait until after the all star game.

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    Re: Celtics free agency options

    quite a few more options out there along the same skill level.


    either fringe NBA types or past their prime  "they were somebody" types.


    none of them are likely to be  impact players or they would already be in the big show now.


    if Ainge/Doc can find someone to play 8-10 min/game  we'll be lucky, IMO.



    pick 1-3 of these guys.


    I am not sure it matters al that much, which ones.



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