Celtics, Hawks, Mavs 3-way deal

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    Re: Celtics, Hawks, Mavs 3-way deal

    I really don't understand why there was interest in trading Pierce and KG at the trade deadline. There is no way the Celtics end up with a  team that can go as far as this team can go, unless you are willing to play the what if game for years. 

    Josh Smith, and Jordan are not Pierce and KG, and they will never be close. 

    It is like asking to have Antwain Walker back. Why do that?

    Danny had to take a walk in Red's shoes to learn an important lesson. The student can not learn until he is ready. Trading Bird and Kevin after they were hurt or on the down side of their respective careers would not have yielded great players in return. Rebuilding may have taken even longer without lottery picks because it is almost impossible to get the same or anthing close to that value in return under those circumstances. He had to try, but I think he now knows why Red did what he did.

    In addition, the rebuilding process, after they retired, had very little to do with keeping them too long.  Lewis, Bias, some bad choices for players, and for coaches delayed the process far too long.

    Enjoy the ride. This team is worth the support.


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