Celtics in 2013

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    Celtics in 2013

    What do you all think.........just saw on another blog and to be honest, I kind of like it!

    Pierce to the Clippers (assuming Chris Paul re-signs ) for PG Eric Bledsoe. Use cap savings to sign SG JJ Reddick and to re-sign Leandro Barbosa. Then trade Rondo to the Kings for DeMarcus Cousins. Cousins starts at the 5 with KG backing him up and also playing the 4 late in games alongside
    Cousins. Starting lineup: Cousins-5 Sullinger-4 Green-3 Lee-2 Bledsoe-1
    Bench: KG,Terry,Bass,Bradley,Reddick,Williams,Randolph,Melo,Barbosa


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