Celtics in 2013

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    Celtics in 2013

    What do you all think.........just saw on another blog and to be honest, I kind of like it!

    Pierce to the Clippers (assuming Chris Paul re-signs ) for PG Eric Bledsoe. Use cap savings to sign SG JJ Reddick and to re-sign Leandro Barbosa. Then trade Rondo to the Kings for DeMarcus Cousins. Cousins starts at the 5 with KG backing him up and also playing the 4 late in games alongside
    Cousins. Starting lineup: Cousins-5 Sullinger-4 Green-3 Lee-2 Bledsoe-1
    Bench: KG,Terry,Bass,Bradley,Reddick,Williams,Randolph,Melo,Barbosa


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    Re: Celtics in 2013

    Bledsoe for Pierce straight up obv doesn't work, they need to throw in Butler and maybe even more filler

    Rondo for Cousins does work b/c the Kings are so far under the cap, obviously the ownership and state they will play in is in major flux so who knows if they would do that or if boston would

    There would be no cap savings that would land Redick, still if we're rebuilding the team has to make those moves.

    Melo, Crawford and pick 16 could go to the Kings and I'd take back one of their bad contracts (Thornton or Salmons) for pick 6 in the draft.

    Just gives this team a lot of youth, a couple character issues and a situation KG likely wouldn't want to be part of, as much as we'd want him to guide and help Cousins, who is like Sheed or Derrick Coleman and truly needs help but can be a 27/13 if he wants

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