The day after the trade deadline this team quits against one of the worst teams in the league.

I'm not sure how to take that. This team has no heart, no passion or hunger. Zero effort on offense and even less on defense. I know NBA players aren't known for thier work effort, but this is ridiculous. It seems like they are just here to collect a check and could care less about winning.

They have a bunch of old players that are ready for retirement. And the young players are garbage. Bradley could turn out to be a great defender. But he is still a liabilty on offense. When he is not making poor decisions, he is being way too passive. And Rondo is a headcase that only plays when he feels like it. And even then, he's just got too many holes in his game. He can't shoot, hit free throws and even routinely misses layups. Do we really need someone with a massive attitude, sense of entitlement and poor work ethic around here when they start bringing in young players? I don't want him influencing kids. Rondo basketball is not Celtics basketball. I'm really starting to think of him as much more of a liability than an asset.

Bass is a solid player (I still can't believe how much of an upgrade over Baby he is) and would be a great piece on a contender. But he's 30. He will be retired by the time this team is contending again.

We have a mess here. One that a good GM would have a hard time fixing. But we don't have a good GM. We have Danny Ainge.

The next 5-10 years are going to be ugly in Celtics Nation. Hopefully the Bruins can pull their head out. They are the only Boston team with a legit chance at a title in the near future.