Celtics pride showing through

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    Celtics pride showing through

    I expect if Rondo suits up it's going to put all the other guys on notice to suit up and play as well. It could carry us for this game or the series. I expect the c's to be chippy tonight and maybe a few skirmishes to breakout. The Heat will go after Rondo but I still think he can be somewhat effective because he can still play defense and run the show.

    Doc please go to Murphy before BBD tonight. BBD just isn't giving anything and it it makes him mad, good, he'll be ready for game #5.

    We need another 2005 flashback for KG tonight.

    Guts and inspiration may get us through this series more than strategy.
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    Re: Celtics pride showing through

    If we win tonight, I think we win the series.

    I normally don't agree with Marv Jackson or what those guys say but man was he right about Baby. If your not going to play for me sit down and were going to get another guy to do your job. Troy Murphy would shine against Miamis soft bigs.

    KG I think will have games like these from now till whenever this series is over. Not 28 points but around 15-22 points. He was passing way too much game 1, game 2 he was just off and rushing shots, game 3 being at home I bet it made him feel just great. He has to continue that tonight and I know he will.

    This team is showing exactly what I wanted them to show. Thats their fire and pride for this game. Some of the people on here don't speak too highly of the Celtics at times but I am incredibly proud of this team right now but we got more work.