In Response to Re: Celtics should go after McGrady:
In Response to Re: Celtics should go after McGrady : Whoa.  Unfounded, invalid reasons?  Let's talk about his ridiculous falling out in Houston and his god awful play for the NYK.  Two completely valid reasons for not bringing him in.  And yes, a T-Mac at 80% would be great, but he's nowhere near that.  I just don't see him fitting into the C's system.  But if he does sign, I hope he proves me wrong.
Posted by Driscoll92587

See Driscoll, you are proving my point.  The ridiculous fallout in Houston?  How do you call it a fallout when a player WANTS to play but a coach continues to report that the guy is still injured.  Adelman never had any intentions of moving forward with McGrady so he kept him out even when McGrady was ready to return.

Do you really consider that a fallout?

And he played in only 24 games as a Knick.  Do you honestly think that's enough time to flourish?  Heck, Bill Walker was unable to show his skillz in 24 games.  McGrady's 24 game stint in New York really showed how God awful he is.