In Response to Re: Celtics Should Tap Into Von Wafer's Talents:
In Response to Re: Celtics Should Tap Into Von Wafer's Talents : Why don't you read my post before you jump in?  Who the F cares about a Wafer-Brown comparision?  ChiefEddieKnowItAll thinks Von is a great player and I disagree.   Neither Brown nor Wafer are great. 
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Why dont' YOU read MY posts before dropping F bombs!!

YOU said Wafer was a jouneyman who's been on  a bunch of teams and isn't any good.  I said, he could certainly play in YOUR rotation because his stats are similar to Brown's.  Shannon Brown, regardless of what you think of him, is in the rotation for the lakers for the rest of the year.  Unless you think koME can play 48 mins, or you are comfortable with  a backcourt of Fisher and Blake. (I actually would like to see that, neither one can cover a text book!!).  So, to be clear, because I am so afraid you'll drop another F bomb on me, tough guy that you are, YOU said Wafer was no good, and I said he's good enough to be in the lakers rotation, because his numbers mirror Shannon Brown's.  Got all that, because I could write it in second grade language if you really want!!